Sergey Bubka – The world indoor record of 6.15 meters in Donetsk

Pole Vault Stars is an annual indoor pole vaulting competition which is typically (more…)

Dražen Petrović – The tragic death of the Mozart of basketball in Denkendorf

A Yugoslavian and Croatian professional basketball player. A shooting guard, he initially achieved (more…)

UEFA Euro 2004 Final – Greece stunned the football world in Lisbon

This was the first time in the history of the European Championship where the opening…

Andy Bowen vs Jack Burke – The longest fight in professional boxing history in New Orleans

The match lasted 110 rounds, over seven hours and 19 minutes. Andy Bowen had (more…)

Nadia Comăneci – The perfect 10 in Montreal

On July 18, 1976, Comăneci made history at the Montreal Olympics. During the team (more…)

“Blood in the Water” – The water polo match between Hungary and the USSR in Melbourne

The match took place on 6 December 1956 against the background of the 1956 (more…)

Sputnik 1 – The full-scale replicas of the world’s first satellite are being exhibited in New York and Sydney

The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on 4 October