The Nikola Tesla’s Laboratory in New York

The Nikola Tesla’s Laboratory in New York

Wardenclyffe Tower also known as the Tesla Tower, was an early experimental wireless transmission station designed and built by Nikola Tesla in Shoreham, New York in 1901–1902. Tesla intended to transmit messages, telephony and even facsimile images across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea based on his theories of using the Earth to conduct the signals.

The demolition of Tesla’s transmission tower in 1917 Image: Wikimedia Commons

His decision to scale up the facility and add his ideas of wireless power transmission to better compete with Guglielmo Marconi’s radio based telegraph system was met with refusal to fund the changes by the project’s primary backer, financier J. P. Morgan. Additional investment could not be found, and the project was abandoned in 1906, never to become operational. In an attempt to satisfy Tesla’s debts, the tower was demolished for scrap in 1917 and the property taken in foreclosure in 1922.

The only surviving former workshop of the inventor Nikola Tesla in Shoreham / Image: Nicole Sarantero for Untapped Cities
Part of the what is left of the base of Tesla’s transmission tower / Image: Nicole Sarantero for Untapped Cities

Featured Image: Tesla’s final laboratory