Rockfield Studios – The legendary recording studios in Rockfield

The studios were founded by brothers Kingsley and Charles Ward in 1963, by converting an existing farmhouse. In 1965, they became the world’s first residential studio, set up so that bands could come and stay in the peaceful rural surroundings to record. There are two studios, the Coach House and the Quadrangle, which are both set up for digital and analogue recordings.

The Coach House studio was constructed in 1968 and is based around vintage microphone amp and equalizers. This live area was designed for band recordings with an emphasis on separation and natural acoustics. The Quadrangle studio was constructed in 1973 and designed to record bands as live.

The first big hit recorded in the studios was Dave Edmunds’ “I Hear You Knocking” in 1970. Of the many famous tracks recorded at Rockfield, perhaps the most iconic, is Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Rockfield was also the primary studio for much of the band’s albums A Night At The Opera and Sheer Heart Attack.

Other artists who have recorded in the Rockfield Studios include Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Hawkwind, Annie Lennox, Judas Priest, Mike Oldfield, Rush,Bauhaus, The Cult,Echo & the Bunnymen, Ian Gillan, Iggy Pop, Robert Plant, Simple Minds, The Stone Roses, The Stranglers, The Waterboys, T’Pau, The Charlatans, Coldplay, EMF, HIM, Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, Paradise Lost, Paul Weller, The Pogues, Sepultura, Stereophonics, The Stone Roses, George Michael, Kasabian, The Proclaimers, Starsailor, Suede, The Cure, Pixies and many more.

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