Napoleon Bonaparte dead at St Helena

Napoleon Bonaparte dead at St Helena

In 1815, the British government selected Saint Helena as the place of detention for Napoleon Bonaparte. He was taken to the island in October 1815. Britain also took the precaution of sending a garrison of soldiers, to uninhabited Ascension Island, which lay between St. Helena and Europe.

Longwood House, St. Helena island

Napoleon stayed at the Briars Pavilion on the grounds of the Balcombe family’s home until his permanent residence at Longwood House was completed in December 1815. Napoleon died there on 5 May 1821.

It was the location of Napoleon’s second exile from 1815 until his death. France owns Briars Pavilion, Napoleon’s initial exile residence, Longwood House and its properties, where he lived during most of his time on the island, and his original grave, but the United Kingdom retains ultimate sovereignty over these properties.

Room where Napoleon died / Image:
Napoleon’ Clothing / Image:
Mort de Napoléon by Charles de Steuben 1928

Feature Image: “C’est fini : Napoléon Ier à Sainte-Hélène”, d’Oscar Rex (1857-1929)  MUSÉE NATIONAL DES CHÂTEAUX DE MALMAISON ET BOIS-PRÉAU



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