Gardel’s baritone voice and the dramatic phrasing of his lyrics made miniature masterpieces of his hundreds of three-minute tango recordings. Together with lyricist and long-time collaborator Alfredo Le Pera, Gardel wrote several classic tangos.

Carlos Gardel was born in Toulouse, France, on 11 December 1890. The French Argentine singer, songwriter, composer and actor, and the most prominent figure in the history of tango.

The two planes after they crashed on the rainway of Medellín airport, singer Carlos Gardel was killed in that accident

Gardel died on 24 June 1935 in an airplane crash in Medellín airport. Others who died included the pilot Ernesto Samper, lyricist Alfredo Le Pera, guitarists Guillermo Desiderio Barbieri and Ángel Domingo Riverol, business associates, and other friends of the group.

Millions of Gardel’s fans throughout Latin America went into mourning. Hordes came to pay their respects as his body was taken from Colombia through New York City and Rio de Janeiro.

Commemorative monument dedicated to Carlos Gardel, Olaya Herrera Airport / Image source 

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