Miss Baker rests in Huntsville

The squirrel monkey who was to become known as Miss Baker was purchased at a pet shop in Miami, Florida, and brought to the Naval Aviation Medical School in Pensacola.

Miss Baker was a squirrel monkey who became, along with rhesus macaque Miss Able, one of the first two animals launched into space by the United States and safely returned.

On May 28, 1959, a Jupiter rocket lifted Miss Baker and Miss Able to an altitude of 480 km through an acceleration of 38 gs for a 16-minute flight which also included 9 minutes of weightlessness.

The flight traveled 2,400 km downrange from the pad at Cape Canaveral launch complex 26B to the Atlantic Ocean near Puerto Rico where the capsule was recovered by USS Kiowa.

Featured Image: Students and visitors to the Space & Rocket Center came to visit Miss Baker / Image: al.com

Websites: rocketcenter.com

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