The birthplace and childhood of David Bowie in Brixton

The birthplace and childhood of David Bowie in Brixton

David Robert Jones was born on 8 January 1947 in Brixton, London. The family lived at 40 Stansfield Road, on the boundary between Brixton and Stockwell in the south London borough of Lambeth. Bowie attended Stockwell Infants School until he was six years old, acquiring a reputation as a gifted and single-minded child—and a defiant brawler.

Known professionally as David Bowie was an English singer-songwriter and actor.

40 Stansfield Road, childhood home of David Bowie

Developed an interest in music as a child, studying art, music and design before embarking on a professional career as a musician in 1963.

He was a leading figure in the music industry and is considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, acclaimed by critics and musicians, particularly for his innovative work during the 1970s.


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