Kućica na Drini – The Drina river house in Višesava

According to local legends, medieval hero Kraljević Marko was travelling through the area and wanted to cross the river and reach the other side. However, he didn’t want his horse Šarac to step into the deep water.

The house became one of the most photographed objects in Serbia / Image source

Kraljević Marko climbed the Crvena Stena natural lookout in the vicinity and threw a large boulder into the Drina. Rolling boulder stopped in the center of the river, which allowed for Šarac to hop on it from one side and then to hop to the other side of the river, carrying Kraljević Marko on his back. Local population claim that even today the marks of the Šarac’s hoofs are visible on the rock.

The isolated rock on which the house is built, is almost right in the middle of the river, close to the modern border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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