Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

The high-rise building in central Warsaw, Poland. With a total height of 237 meters it is the tallest building in Poland, the 6th-tallest building in the European Union and one of the tallest on the European continent.

Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw / Image:

Constructed in 1955, it houses various public and cultural institutions such as cinemas, theaters, libraries, sports clubs, university faculties and authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Motivated by Polish historical architecture and American art deco high-rise buildings, was designed by Soviet architect Lev Rudnev.

The Palace was also the tallest clock tower in the world until the installation of a clock mechanism on the Docomo Yoyogi Building in Tokyo, Japan.

Lev Vladimirovich Rudnev was a Soviet architect / Image: Wikipedia

Featured Image: Palace of Culture and Science in central Warsaw / Image:



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