Ilaria and Miran murdered in Mogadishu

While pursuing a story in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1994, the Italian investigative
reporter for RAI, Ilaria Alpi, and her cameraman Miran Hrovatin were brutally

She was researching a story focusing on the money that Italian humanitarian
organizations have been donating to Third World countries, under the auspices
of building roads and improving the infrastructure.

Digging deeper she discovered that these “humanitarian organizations” were
actually fronts for secret Italian governmental agencies, who were shipping tons
of toxic waste to these countries for surreptitious disposal in exchange for

Before she could send their last report from Somalia Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin
were ambushed and killed, an incident that went on to be characterized by cover
ups and silence.

Featured Image: Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin, a few days before they were slain in Mogadishu / Image:


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