Sant Pere de Rodes in El Port de la Selva

Sant Pere de Rodes in El Port de la Selva

Benedictine monastery in the comarca of Alt Empordà, in the North East of Catalonia, Spain.

Located in the province of Girona, Spain, it was built on the slope of the Verdera Mountain, just below the Castle of Sant Verdera, which provided protection for the monastery but now lies in ruins at the very summit. It offers exceptional views over the bay of Llançà, to the north of Cap de Creus.

Sant Pere de Rodes / Image: Matías Callone/flickr

The first documentation of the existence of the monastery dates 878, when it was mentioned as a simple monastery cell consecrated to Saint Peter, but it is not until 945 when an independent Benedictine monastery was founded, led by an abbot.

The monastery was declared a national monument in 1930. In 1935 the first restoration work was initiated.

Imposing, medieval, Romanesque monastery & church ruins set on a mountain top / Image: RAFAEL LÓPEZ-MONNÉ

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