Larry Mullen Jr. was born and grew up in Artane, in Dublin’s north. Six people met at his house on 25 September in Rosemount Avenue the band’s first meeting and rehearsal took place, after Larry put up the famous note in Mount Temple Comprehensive School.

The old building in Mount Temple School in Dublin / Image source

Larry Mullen Jr., a 14-year-old student, posted a note on the school’s notice board in search of musicians for a new band. Everyone wanted to play guitar and plugged into Adam’s amplifier. The rehearsal took place in the kitchen, which obviously was too small, so that Larry’s drum kit had to be put up outside the door in the garden. Of course Bono wanted to play lead guitar, but given his poor skill, he was quickly handed a rhythm guitar instead – no change there, then.

Dik Evans, Edge’s brother, was soon irritated by all the amateurish fuss – he did not believe the band would make it, and left after a few early gigs. Also present in the kitchen at the time were Peter Martin and Ivan Mccormick, but they left after the first rehearsal.

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