Ursaab – Saab’s first automobile in Trollhättan

Ursaab – Saab’s first automobile in Trollhättan

The first of four prototype cars made by Saab AB, which at that time was solely an aeroplane manufacturer, leading to production of the first Saab car, the Saab 92 in 1949.

The company made four prototypes, 92001 through to 92004, before designing the production model. The name “Ursaab” means “original Saab”. The aim was to design a car that would compete with small German cars.

Ursaab – Saab’s first automobile. The car is now in the Saab Car Museum / Image: Wikipedia

Development was started in Linköping by a 16-person team led by engineer Gunnar Ljungström and designer Sixten Sason.

The prototype had a borrowed 13 kW two-cylinder two-stroke engine, which was placed transversely in the front of the vehicle. The first engine and gearbox came from a DKW vehicle, but they were later replaced with an engine and gearbox designed by Gunnar Ljungström.


Ursaab was driven over 530,000 kilometers. Today it is in the Saab museum in Trollhättan.

Featured Image: Ursaab – Saab’s first automobile / Image: saabcarmuseum.se

Websites: saabcarmuseum.se


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