San Miguel Studios in Buenos Aires

Miguel Machinandiarena founded the company in 1937 with his brothers Narciso and Silvestre and began to build the studios and laboratories in the town of Bella Vista.

Argentine film studio that was active in the 1940s and early 1950s. It flourished during the golden age of Cinema of Argentina, and at its peak was one of the major studios in Buenos Aires.

San Miguel Studios 1947 / Image:

Genres ranged from musical comedy to costume drama and gaucho thriller. Films included La guerra gaucha, co-produced with Artistas Argentinos Asociados, and the comedy Juvenilia, both of which won several major awards.

Eva Duarte, soon to become the first lady of Argentina as Eva Perón, appeared in two of the studio’s films in 1945.

The studio’s last production was released in 1952.

San Miguel Studios / Image:

The cornerstone of the construction of the Studios, located in Moine and Aconcagua, Bella Vista / Image: Google maps
San Miguel Studios / Image:

Featured Image: Estudios San Miguel Film production / Image: Youtube



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