Buzludzha monument in Shipka

Buzludzha monument in Shipka

Construction began on 23 January 1974 under architect Georgi Stoilov, a former mayor of Sofia and co-founder of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria.

The building exemplifies the futurist architecture common to many state-constructed communist buildings. It is no longer managed, and is closed to the public as it is considered dangerous.

The Memorial House of the Bulgarian Communist Party sits on
Buzludzha Peak, high up in the mountains of Bulgaria. It was opened in 1981,
as a citizen-funded tribute to the socialist movement in Bulgaria

The monument was abandoned after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 and now lies derelict.

There is a proposal by The Buzludha Project to architecturally preserve the monument and turn the building into an interpretive museum of Bulgarian history.

Buzludzha monument, inside / Image: youthreporter.eu

Featured Image:The Buzludzha monument now lies derelict /Image: calvertjournal.com


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