The birthplace of Iron Maiden in London

Steve Harris joined a band, initially known as Influence and later Gypsy’s Kiss. After a short number of gigs at the Cart and Horses pub in Stratford, the band split up and Harris auditioned for a band called Smiler in February 1974.

Harris began writing his own songs and worked with future Iron Maiden members Dennis Wilcock and Doug Sampson, but left the band after they refused to play his material, claiming it was too complicated.

The Cart & Horses best known as The Birthplace of Iron Maiden / Image:
 Iron Maiden played some of their earliest gigs here at the Cart and Horses in London’s East End / Image:

Iron Maiden formed in the summer of 1975 the band consisted initially of Steve Harris, Ron ‘Rebel’ Mathews, Terry Rance, Dave Sullivan and Paul Mario Day.

After months of rehearsal, Iron Maiden made their debut at St. Nicks Hall in Poplar on 1 May 1976, before taking up a semi-residency at the Cart and Horses Pub in Maryland, Stratford.

The Cart and horses pub was the site of the rock band Iron Maiden’s 1976 debut / Image: Youtube

Featured Image: “The Trooper” single cover by Iron Maiden


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