The Christ at El Picacho in Tegucigalpa

The Christ at El Picacho in Tegucigalpa

The massive Christ rises on the west side of Cerro El Picacho, and can be seen from far away by at least sixty percent of the population of the Central District.

The reinforced concrete religious figure was artfully designed by the prestigious Honduran sculptor Mario Zamora Alcantara led by Engineer Jose Francisco Paredes and architectural design of the park was designed by Arch. Luciano Duron.

The artist prepared a giant fiberglass mold in the Mexican capital, which is then melted into El Picacho on a concrete base also ten meters high. The construction hard work seven months a team of 40 people.

The Christ at El Picacho is a sculpture of 2,500 tons and 30 meters in total height / Image:

Featured Image: The Christ at “El Picacho” is a monument which stands on the hill El Picacho in the north area of Tegucigalpa / Image:



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