The Putra Mosque in Putrajaya

Construction of the mosque began in 1997 and was completed two years later. The pink-domed Putra Mosque is constructed with rose-tinted granite and consists of three main functional areas – the prayer hall, the Sahn, or courtyard, and various learning facilities and function rooms.

Putra Mosque with the 160-meter minaret homing to about 15,000 people, the mosque is a perfect fusion of all the stunning architecture from different mosques in the whole world.

The name Pink Mosque by architect Kumpulan Senireka is called due to the unique pink color brought by the rose-tinted granite covering the mosque. This second oldest mosque in Malaysia is also the first pink-colored mosque in the world Image:

The architecture of the mosque is designed following the inspiration of Iran-style, Morocco and Baghdad, the carvings are influenced by the Egyptians, and the stained glass comes from Germany.

Putra mosque includes many facilities to worth the most important religious site in Malaysia such as the main prayer hall, auditorium, library, dining hall, lecture rooms, and funeral services / Image:

Featured Image: Putra Mosque is the principal mosque of Putrajaya Wilaya, Malaysia / Image:



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