Iglesia de San Andrés Xecul – The brightly-painted Catholic church in San Andrés Xecul

The founding date of the church seems to be unknown, but a cross on the façade bears the dates 1900-01. Despite its Catholic overlay, the village is an important center for traditional Mayan religion.

The Church of San Andres Xecul has an unusual dome painted in colorful stripes, bright yellow façade, on which some 200 painted sculptures of human figures, angels, monkeys and birds.The two jaguars are the top may represent the twin heroes of the Mayan scripture, the Popol Vuh.

Inside the church are dozens of candles, images of Christ, and chandeliers made from glass stones, coins and rosary beads.

The church of San Andrés Xecul, a small village in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The overall design recalls the Huipil (traditional garment from central Mexico to Central America) worn by local women / Image source

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