The Lok Yeay Mao monument in Kampot

The large outdoor statue of the goddess was built on the top of Mount Bokor in Bokor National Park which overlooks the sea coast. She is well known for maintaining peace in the surrounding forests and coastal provinces, as well as fostering a feeling of calmness within the environment.

The construction of the Lok Yeay Mao monument started on February, 2010 and completed on May, 2012.The statue was built by Neak Oknha Sok Kong, the chairman of the Sokimex Investment Group to honour the Goddess Lok Yeay Mao.

Lok Yeay Mao on Bokor Mountain 2012 / Image: Al Rodas

The statue is 29 metres tall and 8 metres in width. Lok Yeay Mao is being depicted in a meditation posture with a calm and peaceful demeanour. She sits on top of a three-platform altar and wears a black skirt, a white shirt and a yellow scarf.

Located on top of a 1,075-metre high mountain, visitors can also feast their eyes on the breathtaking views of the vast blue seas, coastal line, offshore islands and also a panoramic view of the Kampot province.

The Goddess Lok Yeay Mao of Cambodia/ Image:

Featured Image: The Lok Yeay Mao monument / Image:


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