Hebei Academy of Fine Arts – The amazing school in Xinle

Founded in 1986, a full-time undergraduate Academy of Fine Arts approved by the Ministry of Education, is one of the nine independent established Academies of Fine Arts in China.

The school now covers an area of 92 acres, and the construction area is 480,000 square meters. It has 13 secondary schools: School of Plastic Arts, School of City Design, School of Communication, School of Environmental Arts, School of Animation, School of Industrial Design, School of Fashion, School of Calligraphy, School of Sculpture, School of Cultural and Creative Studies, School of International Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Center for Continuing Education, and 76 undergraduate and junior college majors: Painting, Environmental Design, Animation, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Apparel and Accessories Design, Visual Communication Design, Radio and Television Editing & Directing, Product Design, Performance, etc., with students of more than 12000, which has became a beautiful and specialized fine arts academy enjoying a high reputation.

The campus is surrounded by mountains and rivers, whose architecture is characterized by Chinese and Western features, which becomes a harmonious ideal hall for students to carry out artistic creation. Hebei Academy of Fine Arts has also been dubbed “Hogwarts Hebei Branch” by many domestic media because of its resemblance to Harry Potter Castle.

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