President Heads – The abandoned presidential statues in Williamsburg

The statues were sculpted by Houston artist David Adickes inspired by Mount Rushmore. They were open to the public at Presidents Park and received thousands of visitors until 2010 when a company bought the plot of land. The huge presidential heads had to move.

Presidents Park was a ten-acre sculpture park and associated indoor museum formerly located in Williamsburg (Virginia). The park had financial troubles and was closed on September 30, 2010. (The Park when it was open) / Image source

Howard Hankins, a man whose construction company worked on the park, suggested moving them to his farm in Croaker, Virginia instead. For years the giant heads have sat tucked away on the farm, which is private property and not open to tourists.

There are 43 concrete busts of most of the U.S. presidents – from George Washington to George W. Bush. Towering at an average of about 20 feet and weighing as much as 22,000 pounds.

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