Radio City – The majestic Music Hall in New York

The Music Hall was designed by Edward Durell Stone and Donald Deskey in the Art Deco style. One of the more notable parts of the Music Hall is its large auditorium, which was the world’s largest when the Hall first opened.

The complex included two theaters, the “International Music Hall” and the Center Theatre, as part of the “Radio City” portion of Rockefeller Center. The 5,950-seat Music Hall was the larger of the two venues. It was largely successful until the 1970s, when declining patronage nearly drove the Music Hall to bankruptcy.

The auditorium itself is very large and striking. The focus is the great proscenium arch, over 18 meter high and 30 meter feet wide / Image:

The interior of the theater with its austere Art Deco lines represented a break with the traditional ornate rococo ornament. Deskey’s geometric Art Deco designs incorporate glass, aluminum, chrome, and leather in the ornament for the theater’s wall coverings, carpet, light fixtures, and furniture. All of the Music Hall’s staircases were fitted with brass railings, an aspect of the Art Deco style.

Primarily hosts concerts, including by leading pop and rock musicians, and live stage shows. The Music Hall has also hosted televised events including the Grammy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Daytime Emmy Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards.

The interior of  Radio City – Grand Foyer / Image: via

Featured Image: Radio City Music Hall is an entertainment venue at 1260 Avenue of the Americas / Image:



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