Council of Ministers of Abkhazia – The former government building stands in Sukhumi

The War in Abkhazia from 1992 to 1993 was fought between Georgian government forces for the most part and Abkhaz separatist forces, Russian government armed forces and North Caucasian militants.

Council Of Ministries Building Completed In 1985 By Architects: A. Golubovsky And A. Korabelnikov / Image source

Significant human-rights violations and atrocities were reported on all sides, peaking in the aftermath of the Abkhaz capture of Sukhumi on 27 September 1993. Georgia, suffered considerable financial, human and psychological damage. The fighting and subsequent continued sporadic conflict have devastated Abkhazia. The conflict left the country in ruins, in Sukhumi.

The largest of these abandoned relics, is the remnants of the government building. The Abkhazian flag flies proudly from the roof, but the interior is derelict, and the outside is visibly damaged by war.

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