Day: 10 May 2020

Bennett College – The women’s college in Millbrook

The college was founded in 1890 at Irvington, New York by May F. Bennett. The main building of Bennett College, Halcyon Hall, was built in 1893 by

Little Richard – The childhood home in Macon

Richard Wayne Penniman was born, on December 5, 1932, the third of 12 children of Leva Mae and Charles “Bud” Penniman. The children were raised in a

Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre – The statue of goddess of Mercy in Macau

The Cathedral of Macau – The church of the Nativity of Our Lady in Macau

When it was first built in 1576, it was a small wooden chapel. Around 1622, it was redesigned as a cathedral. The expansion and reconstruction in the

Aniva Lighthouse – The lighthouse of the edge of the world in Sakhalin

Atlas Studios – The Hollywood of Morocco in Ouarzazate

Most of the property lies in the nearby desert and mountains covering more than 320,000 square feet. Many sets from the filming of various movies remain in

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