Aniva Lighthouse – The lighthouse of the edge of the world in Sakhalin

The lighthouse was built by the Japanese in 1939, on a small rock of the Sivuchya, near the rocky cape of Aniva. The built lighthouse is a circular concrete tower with a small side extension inscribed in an oval base.

Beautiful Aniva Lighthouse / Image source

The height of the tower 31 meter, the height of the fire 40 meters above sea level. The tower has 9 floors. On the ground floor were located diesel and battery. The first floor with an extension was occupied by a kitchen and a food warehouse, the second – a radio room, a control room and a watch room. In the third, fourth and fifth floors of the tower were living rooms designed for 12 people. In the central part of the tower was a pendulum 270 kilograms weight. The range of the lighthouse was 17,5 miles. The Aniva lighthouse is abandoned.

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