The Cathedral of Macau – The church of the Nativity of Our Lady in Macau

When it was first built in 1576, it was a small wooden chapel. Around 1622, it was redesigned as a cathedral. The expansion and reconstruction in the following centuries gave it a wonderful appearance that remains today.

The façade is characterized by pilasters and the twin belfries. The exterior is clad in Shanghai plaster, giving the church a monolithic subdued appearance / Image source

The main building has just one floor with a sloping roof and wooden truss. With a 12 meters high symmetrical-styled façade, the main building is constructed in typical neoclassical style. The main body of the Cathedral has an oblong shape, with a transept with chapels on each side. The Bell Tower is next to the main building. It is about 13 meters high, and has three floors with a flat roof. The bell was made in Britain.

The cathedral is included in the list of historical monuments of the Historic Centre of Macau, which in turn is included in the list of World Heritage Sites in China.

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