Bouzov Castle – The medieval fortress in Bouzov

An early 14th-century fortress which was first mentioned in 1317. Bouzov was established with the purpose to watch over the trade route from Olomouc to Loštice. The minor aristocratic Bůz of Bludovec family were its first recorded owners from 1317 to 1339.

Ownership of the castles was then changed, and the Lords of Kunštát were among the most important medieval owners. In 1558 the castle burned down, and lost much of its majestic quality.

Bouzov Castle, a romantic castle built at the turn of the 13. and 14. century. Since 1999 the castle has been a national monument / Image: via

An eight-story watchtower, 58 meters high, dominates the complex. The castle is enhanced by a number of towers, bastions, battlements, oriel windows and loopholes. The two long bridges, ending with a short drawbridge, span the deep dry moat around the castle. The knights’ hall, armory, which is in one of the few original rooms with preserved Gothic vaulting, bedrooms of the knights and a neo-gothic chapel with its Gothic altar and tombs occupy the central part of the castle. The valuable furniture comes from the private collection of Eugen von Habsburg and the collection of the Order of the Teutonic Knights.

Bouzov Castle / Image:

Featured Image: Bouzov Castle at the beginning of the 19th century / Image: via


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