Kostel svatého Jiří – The Church of ghosts in Luková

The Church was built in 1352 in what was then Bohemia. When the church burned out at the end of the 18th century, it was rebuilt in the neo-Romanesque and neo-Gothic styles. Then in 1968 the roof collapsed during a funeral. The residents of Luková recognized this as a bad omen, a curse, and from then on preferred to hold masses outside the church. Since then the church has been rotting away, badly damaged both inside and out.

The church has stood since 1352, on the side of the parish courtyard towards the northeast of the village. It is covered with slate, has 9 windows, 2 front doors, a choir and a Gothic sacristy on the north side / Image source

Initially there were only nine sculptures made of plaster, now there are 32. The figures represent the spirits of the Sudeten Germans, who lived in Luková before the Second World War and came to this church to pray every Sunday. Jakub Hadrava’s creepy art installation could mean salvation for St. George’s Church. Since then, more and more tourists have come to Luková to see the “ghost church”

The ghostly figures by artist Jakub Hadrava at the St. George’s church / Image source

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