Torre de David – The abandoned skyscraper in Caracas

Centro Financiero Confinanzas, is an unfinished abandoned skyscraper in the capital of Venezuela. The construction of the tower began in 1990 but was halted in 1994 due to the Venezuelan banking crisis. The complex has six buildings, lobby and conference room, still includes a heliport, and 12 floors of parking.

In the 2000s and 2010s, Caracas suffered from a housing shortage, with shortages amounting to about 400,000 Caracas homes in 2011. Construction of homes halted in Venezuela and Citizens of Caracas soon began to occupy buildings surrounding the complex. In 2014 Venezuelan government launched so-called “Operation Zamora 2014” to evacuate hundreds of families from the tower and relocate them into new homes, south of Caracas.

On August 2018, the tower was significantly damaged by an earthquake which caused the partial collapse of the top five floors, resulting in the affected portion leaning outward by 25 degrees. The building remains incomplete and unused.

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