Burj Al Babas – The excessive residential project in Mudurnu


In the Turkish countryside hundreds of identical neo-gothic villas stand starkly in the hillside, a project like something from a Disney film-set. Around 730 stunning black-capped white villas rise in a valley beneath hillsides covered in pines, like miniature Neuschwanstein Castles planted in the East. The villas they stand empty.

Burj Al Babas is a residential development located near the Turkish town of Mudurnu. The homes in the development are designed to resemble miniature chateaux. The center of the complex was to include a domed structure containing stores, a movie theater, and other facilities open to residents.

Construction began in 2014. The development was originally successful, but sales eventually stalled, causing the developer to enter bankruptcy. Falling oil prices and instability in Turkey have been cited as reasons for the lack of sales.

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