Little Chapel – The Guernsey’s biggest tourist attraction in Saint Andrew

The chapel was originally built by Brother Déodat in March 1914. His plan was to create a miniature version of the famous grotto and basilica at Lourdes in France. After taking criticism from other brothers, Déodat demolished the chapel.

He finished a second chapel in July 1914. However, when the Bishop of Portsmouth visited in 1923, he could not fit through the door, so Déodat again demolished it. The third and current version of the chapel started soon after the last demolition, and measures 4.9 by 2.7 meters. Déodat went to France in 1939 and died there, never having seen his chapel finished.

The Little Chapel is decorated with seashells, pebbles, broken pottery, china, glass, buttons and figurines. The chapel has room for around eight people. In 1977, a committee was established to restore the chapel, and today it falls under the care of Blanchelande College.

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