Baiterek Tower – The Mythical Tree tower in Nur-Sultan

A monument popular with foreign visitors and native Kazakhs, it is emblematic of the city, which became capital of the country in 1997. The tower is considered a symbol of post-independence Kazakhstan.

The 105 meter tall structure rises from a wide flat base within a raised plaza. It consists of a narrow cylindrical shaft, surrounded by white branch-like girders that flare out near the top, supporting a gold-mirrored 22 m diameter sphere.

The observation deck is 97 meter, corresponding to 1997, the year that Nur-Sultan became the nation’s capital. It consists of two levels, one with 360 degree views of Nur-Sultan and beyond, with a second, higher level, reached by a flight of stairs.

Bayterek which in Kazakh means poplar symbolizes a notions of ancient nomads, according to which at the turn of the Worlds, flows the World River. On its bank stands the Tree of Life – Baiterek, holding land with its roots and supporting heavens with its crown. The roots of the tree are respectively located in the Underground Kingdom, while the crown – in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Every year, a bird, named Samruk, lays its egg in the crevice – the Sun, which is swallowed by a dragon named Aydahar. That symbolically means alternation of summer and winter, day and night, the struggle of good and evil. Baiterek means young, strong-growing tree, symbolizing the state, preserving its historical roots, with strong support and aspirations for future prosperity.

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