Dire Straits recorded the demo of “Sultans of Swing” in London

A song by British rock band Dire Straits from their eponymous debut album, written by front-man Mark Knopfler. Released in 1978, its 1979 re-release made it a hit in the United Kingdom and United States.

The song was recorded at Pathway Studios, in July 1977 and quickly acquired a following after it was put on rotation at Radio London. Its popularity soon reached record executives, and Dire Straits were offered a contract with Phonogram Records. The song was then re-recorded in February 1978 at Basing Street Studios for the band’s debut album.

The site of Pathway Studios. Pathway was a North London 8-track studio at 2a Grosvenor Avenue, Newington Green, founded by producers Peter Ker and Mike Finesilver / Image source

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