The fourth crewed mission in the United States Apollo program, and the second to orbit the Moon. Apollo 10 launched from Cape Kennedy on May 18, 1969, into a nominal 115-mile circular Earth-parking orbit at an inclination of 32.5 degrees.

The crew members were Commander Thomas Stafford, Command Module Pilot John Young and Lunar Module Pilot Eugene Cernan. The Apollo 10 mission encompassed all aspects of an actual crewed lunar landing, except the landing. It was the first flight of a complete, crewed Apollo spacecraft to operate around the Moon.

Apollo 10 Command module at London’s Science Museum / Image:
Apollo 10 command module recovery by a SH-3D of HS-4 from USS Princeton / Image: NASA

Featured Image: Apollo 10 floats beneath its three main parachutes just moments before splashdown in the Pacific Ocean east of American Samoa / Image: NASA




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