Gare Royale d’Ardenne – The former train station in Houyet

Léopold II had a tower as well as the castle of Ardenne. In 1898, this huge property became a luxury hotel with several hundred rooms. Leopold II’s intention was to promote tourism in the Houyet region, which until then had been little known. This Royal Station was built to welcome the newcomers.

Halte Royale d’Ardenne 

The Compagnie Internationale des Grands Hotels ran the hotel from 1898 onwards. The castle-hotel was first closed because of damages during the 1th World war It finally closed its doors in 1950, and was then destroyed by fire in 1968. The remains were demolished in 1970. The station stopped operating in 1909, the year of the death of King Leopold II.

Featured Image: Halte Royale d’Ardenne – Gare Royale d’Ardenne / Image: unknown, via


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