Lake Resia Bell Tower – The solitary church steeple in Curon

In July 1939, the Montecatini company introduced a new plan for a 22 meter deep lake, which would unify two natural lakes (Reschensee and Mittersee) and submerge several villages, including Curon (Graun) and part of Resia (Reschen).

The bell tower of Old Curon / Image source

The creation of the dam started in April 1940 pursuant to this second plan but, due to the war and local resistance, did not finish until July 1950. Many hectares of land were flooded – the inhabitants and the owners of the farmsteads were expropriated forcibly and forced to resettle somewhere else.

The church of Old Curon, dating back to the 14th century, was spared in parts. Its steeple, a Historical Monument, can be still seen today. Depending on the water level, the Church Tower in Lake Resia (Reschensee) is more or less visible.

The half-submerged church steeple has since been declared a protected historical artefact, becoming a tourist attraction and thus symbolizing the legacy of old Curon.


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