On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Peace Accords in El Salvador which ended the country’s civil war, the government unveiled a monument to reconciliation. This monument was conceived by Napoleón Alberto, a local sculptor.

It is a sculptural ensemble which invites the entire country to come together in coexistence and not to make the mistakes of the past that led to a 12-year armed conflict.

The nude woman named “Civis” (meaning citizen which represents citizenship) with a height of 12 meters. On the right-hand finger there is a ring which represents the commitment to live in peace. The left hand is pointing with the index finger to the man dressed as a soldier and a woman, a guerrilla walking towards the future and to never again face in an armed conflict.

The sculpture of man and a woman walking forward with their arms raised, are throwing some pigeons into the air which represents the desire to live in peace. This statue is about 7 meters high and made out of bronze while the pigeons are made of aluminum.

A relief mural four meters high by 16 wide with figures of essential personalities from Salvadoran history, such as Monsignor Romero, narrates the historical and cultural evolution of this nation since before the Spanish conquest. It was made by students from the School of Arts of the University of El Salvador.

Another of the peculiarities of the monumental work is the plaque with the names and the rubric of all the signatories of the Peace Accords, in Chapultepec, Mexico on January 16, 1992.

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