Corvin Castle – The imposing medieval castle in Hunedoara

One of the largest castles in Europe and figures in a list of the Seven Wonders of Romania. Built in a Renaissance-Gothic style and constructed over the site of an older fortification on a rock above the smaller Zlaști River.

Ioan de Hunedoara initiates, after 1440, large-scale constructions aiming at transforming the fortress into a castle. The first stage of building the castle ends before 1446, when Ioan de Hunedoara became the governor of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Α legend says that it was the place where Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia, was held prisoner by John Hunyadi, Hungary military leader and regent during the King’s minority / Image source

Research prior to the First World War showed that in the northern area there were two triangular rooms, one of which was probably a keep tower, with analogies in the French and German area of ​​the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

The castle is a large and imposing structure with tall towers, bastions, an inner courtyard, diversely colored roofs, and myriads of windows and balconies adorned with stone carvings. The castle also features a double wall for enhanced fortification and is flanked by both rectangular and circular towers, an architectural innovation for the period’s Transylvanian architecture.

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