The new glassy construction resembles a, water wave, resting on top of an old brick warehouse (Kaispeicher A, built) near the historical Speicherstadt. The project is the result of a private initiative by the architect and real estate developer Alexander Gérard and his wife Jana Marko, an art historian. It is the key project of the new Hafencity development and the tallest inhabited building in Hamburg, with a final height of 108 meters.

The Kaispeicher A / former warehouse on the Großer Grasbrook om Hamburg’s HafenCity. The first version was built in 1875 by Johannes Dalmann and also called the Kaiserspeicher in honor of Wilhelm I. After destruction in the Second World War and the later demolition of the first Kaispeicher A, the second Kaispeicher A was built at the same location in 1963, based on a design by Werner Kallmorgen.
In 2007, the outer walls of this quay warehouse were included in the construction of the Elbphilharmonie by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. It was completed on October 31, 2016 and will be operational in 2017 / Image source

About one thousand glass windows are curved. The building has 26 floors with the first eight floors within the brick façade. The footprint of the building measures 120,000 m2. A curved escalator from the main entrance at the east side connects the ground floor with an observation deck, the Plaza, at the 8th floor, the top of the brick section. The Plaza is accessible by the public. It offers a view of Hamburg and the Elbe.

The Great Concert Hall can accommodate 2,100 visitors whereby the performers are in the center of the hall. The acoustics were designed by Yasuhisa Toyota who installed about 10,000 individually microshaped drywall plates to disperse sound waves.

The original 1966 brick façade of the Kaispeicher A, formerly a warehouse, was retained at the base of the building / Image:
Observation deck, the Plaza, at the 8th floor / Image:


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