The museum was opened on September 2000, during the 10th International Hutsul festival. Director Yaroslava Tkachuk first came up with the idea of a museum in the shape of a pysanka, local artists Vasyl Andrushko and Myroslav Yasinskyi brought the idea to life. Previously the pysanka collection had been housed in the Kolomyia church of the Annunciation.

The museum is part of the National Museum of Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttya Folk Art / Image:
Interior view of Pysanka Museum / Image: via

The central part of the museum is in the shape of a Ukrainian Easter egg (14 meter in height and 10 meter in diameter). This is the only museum in the world dedicated to the pysanka. In August 2007 the museum was recognized as a landmark of modern Ukraine.

The museum is not only shaped like an egg, but parts of the exterior of and inside of the dome are painted to resemble a pysanka.

Pysanky from the exhibits in the Museum / Image: via

Featured Image: Pysanky from the exhibits in the Museum / Image: via


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