Verona Arena – One of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind in Verona

Roman amphitheater is one of the largest in Italy and the most famous monument in Verona. In ancient times, the arena’s capacity was nearly 30,000 people. This building was erected by the Romans around the middle of the first century AD and was used to host various types of performances: gladiator battles and fights with ferocious animals.

The auditorium of the Arena / Image source

The amphitheater was built outside the Roman city walls to help the influx of spectators and avoid crowding in the city center. The outside, only a short section of the outer ring that was the façade of the Arena, has been preserved. The outer ring was partially demolished for the construction of a second set of defensive walls, and until the Renaissance the Arena was used as a stone quarry. The façade features just one architectural style, the Tuscan order, with bossages (Uncut stones, projecting outward from the building) and limestone blocks from Valpolicella.

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