Panini – The “womb” of the beloved stickers in Modena

Panini – The “womb” of the beloved stickers in Modena

Benito and Giuseppe Panini were operating a newspaper distribution office in 1960, when they found a collection of figurines that a Milan company was unable to sell.

The brothers bought the collection, and sold them in packets of two for ten lire each. They sold three million packets. Having had success with the figurines Giuseppe founded Panini in 1961 to manufacture and sell his own figurines. Benito joined Panini the same year. Panini sold 15 million packets of figurines.

The brothers Giuseppe, Umberto, Franco Cosimo and Benito Panini (from left) in 1966 / Image: Panini

Forming a partnership with FIFA in 1970, Panini published its first FIFA World Cup sticker album for the 1970 World Cup. Since then, collecting and trading stickers and cards has become part of the World Cup experience, especially for the younger generation.

Mexico 70 – Italian edition
Milan 1960-61 figurine Panini / Image: via

Featured Image: Panini company Modena / Image: via



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