Old Stockholm telephone tower

Telefontornet – The old telephone tower in Stockholm

A metallic structure built to connect approximately 5,500 telephone lines in the Swedish capital. Constructed in 1887, the tower was damaged by a fire in 1952 and demolished the following year.

The telephone tower in 1952 / Image: via wikipedia.org

In 1887, Stockholms Allmänna Telefon AB ordered the construction of a tower allowing the connection of about 5,500 overhead telephone lines. The quadrangular metallic structure was 80 meters tall and soon fell out of favor with the local population. The company requested the architect Fritz Eckert to carry out embellishment work, which was when the four turrets were added.

The tower was quickly made obsolete as telephone companies began using underground cables in urban areas. In 1913, underground cabling for telephony was fully completed and the tower no longer served its original purpose. After 1939 it carried advertising for Nordiska Kompaniet, and on 23 July 1952 a fire weakened the structure, resulting in its demolition in 1953 on safety grounds.

Brunkebergstorg 2019 / Image: via bevarastockholm.blogg.se

Featured Image: The telephone tower around 1890 / Image: via wikipedia.org

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