An antique two-handed sword purported to have belonged to Scottish knight who led a resistance to the English occupation of Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence. It is said to have been used by William Wallace at the Battle of Stirling in 1297 and the Battle of Falkirk (1298).

The quality of the metal used for the blade suggests that it may have been forged in ScotlandThe blade of the sword measures 132 cm in length and including the hilt is 163 cm. The breadth of the blade varies from 5.7 cm at the guard to 1.9 cm before the point. The sword weighs 2.70 kg.

Sir William Wallace’s sword is on displayed in his monument / Image: via

Sir William Wallace must have been a man of considerable physical, as well as virtuous, stature. In fact it is estimated that to be able to weild the sword Sir William must have been more than 2 meter tall.

The sword was traditionally kept in Dunbarton castle until 1869 when, it was placed in the New National Wallace Monument.



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