The traditional hotel, right by the waterfall, an elegant Wilhelminian style building, was closed by the owner and was left to decay for many years. This was not least due to the heavy pollution of the Río Bogotá, which is polluted with the largely untreated sewage of the entire south of the metropolis of Bogotá. The mansion was built in 1928 by the architect and engineer from the early 20th century, Pablo de la Cruz.

Tequendama Falls Hotel before renovations / Image source

The Colombian Institute for Natural Sciences in 2011, took on the historic building together with the Ecological Farm Foundation of Porvenir. The building, known throughout the country as the “horror hotel”, began to be transformed into a museum, which today shines in new splendor as a national symbol of cultural heritage and renaturation. The hotel has now become the Museum of Biodiversity and Culture.

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