Łapalice Castle – The never completed mansion in Łapalice

Imposing Castle resembles many of Eastern Europe’s legendary castles. The grand building was originally built as a studio for Gdańsk sculptor Piotr Kazimierczak. A 5,000 sq/m castle complete with gateways, turrets, ramparts a chapel, and a subterranean area intended either for a pool or a lake basin. Kazimierczak run out of funds, he also extended construction for the enormous castle onto land he didn’t have a permit for. Unfortunately, had to abandon his project before it was ever completed.

The so-called Castle Łapalice is the largest construction ever developed in Poland. Started in 1979, it was closed by officials during 90-ies. It has become an unofficial tourist attraction since, however the site is fenced and visiting is illegal.

Castle in Łapalice / Image source

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