Reunification Monument – The symbol of Reunification in Yaoundé

The monument was erected between 1973 and 1976, represents two snakes whose heads merge, symbol of the reunification of French Cameroon and British Cameroon on October 1, 1961. Then the unification of the federated republics of Cameroon in the united republic of Cameroon in 1972 .

At the top of the tower, the meeting point of the East and West entrances, symbolizing the perfect unity of the two great English-speaking and French-speaking parts / Image:

The Reunification monument is the work of French Salomon, Cameroonian sculptor Gédéon Mpando and Jesuit Father Engelbert Mveng. This work represents fifty-three tons of concrete and a height of about seven meters.

Old man carrying five children on either side clinging to his body and brandishing the national torch, symbol of Liberty. The old man represents the generation of Cameroonians who fought for Reunification. Children emphasize equal opportunities for girls and boys / Image: unknown, via Pinterest

Featured Image: Reunification Monument / Image: via


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