“Wait for me daddy” – One of the best pictures of the 1940s was taken in New Westminster

A photo taken by Claude P. Dettloff on October 1, 1940, of The British Columbia Regiment marching down Eighth Street at the Columbia Street intersection, New Westminster, British Columbia. The regiment was ordered out to New Westminster to catch a waiting ship, the SS Princess Joan, to their secret destination.

“Wait for me daddy” picture by Claude P. Dettloff / Image source

Coming down Eighth Street in New Westminster, Canadian photographer of The Province newspaper positioned himself to photograph the whole column marching down the hill. As he was getting ready to take the picture, he saw a young boy run out onto the road.

Wait for Me, Daddy captures the image of the boy, five-year-old Warren “Whitey” Bernard, running out of his mother’s grasp to his father.

“Wait for me daddy” picture site 

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