Schweriner Schloss – The majestic palace in Schwerin

The castle is regarded as one of the most important works of romantic Historicism in Europe. For centuries was the home of the dukes and grand dukes of Mecklenburg and later Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

The island in Lake Schwerin with its swampy surroundings was already settled in Slavic times. Traces of the first castle complex date back to the 9th century.

Schwerin Castle and its gardens / Image:

During the Renaissance, a splendid castle was built on the castle island, the mighty bastions and rich terracotta decorations of which can still be seen in today’s castle.

Major parts of the current castle were built between 1845 and 1857, as a cooperation of the renowned historicist architects Gottfried Semper, Friedrich August Stüler, Georg Adolf Demmler and Ernst Friedrich Zwirner.

The fortified castle and its bastions, 1617
The Palace seen from the waterside / Image:

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